In 2023 the biennial ASF Conference will be held in Ceduna, South Australia

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The Secrets of the Nullarbor Conference, to be held in Ceduna in April 2023 is now open for registrations! Please click the button below for more details.

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International Year of Karst and Caves

In 2021 we celebrate the International Year of Karst and Caves. Caves and karst occur around our planet but few people understand the great value of caves to humanity. Fewer still know what karst is.

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Things to do at the conference

  • Caving

    The conference will have a range of field trips for varying levels of abilities.

  • Science

    Presenters will talk about the latest in Cave Science

  • Activities

    A range of local activities will be available during the conference.

  • Surveying

    The Nullarbor is full of great surveying projects for seasoned mappers, or those willing to learn.

  • Speleo Sports

    Can you win against the best of the best in Speleo Sports.

  • Photography Competition

    There will be a range of categories for photographers to enter their finest pieces into

Secrets of the Nullarbor


Australian Speleological Federation


Flinders University Speleological Society Incorporated


Cave Exploration Group of South Australia


Scout Caving Group of South Australia